Saturday, June 28, 2008

Homestay~ I promised,here are the pics for homestay.It took me the whole morning to edit the pics..Sitting in front of the computer and munching biscuits tidbits non stop..Tell me,is this the reason of me getting rounder and rounder?! ish

So...homestay.Yea,homestay was real nice.Thank God for giving me a nice and warm family.Wasnt worried of getting a bad family actually though a senior of mine got a not-so-nice family and he gotta wash the toilets =P Afterall,it was just 2days1night. Prayed for a good family and He answered prayers =)

My room. Um,oppa's room actually.

혜지.my homestay friend

Had a walk wv 혜지 around the apartment after dinner.

Insisted to help omonim after good gal =P She refused to let me wash the dishes.That evening they had a gathering wv the relatives.So ommonim was busy preparing for the dinner.Instead of helping her with the dishes,I helped her doing the traditional food>>동그라미땡,am not sure of the means "circle/roundy ddaeng". These are the ones I did..not bad huh =P I helped mummy when she was baking or cooking back in msia k..",

my omonim..cute she..I asked for permission to take her photo and she quickly got ready for the cam..The 동그라미땡 are ready to be served.Not bad.They tasted like meatball.


I am scared of dogs but I stayed wv this cutie for 2days..Imagine how I jumped off the bed when the 1st thing I saw was her when I opened my eyes early in the morning..Appa said she liked to be close wv me.keep waiting for me outside the door..well..she thought I am cute ma..",
Finally got to play piano after 4months.Havent been touching piano after leaving msia..miss my piano T.T

me & 혜지..aint she cute?


Still keeping in touch wv 혜지..and I promised to go back this coming break. wee~~ =)

Friday, June 27, 2008



Yeah.Blogspot.New blogger here =) Um,mind you, I dont update often.Yea, a lazy blogger.Will upload pics here coz pics speak thousand words.They tell stories better than me ",

Holidays just started 3days ago.Have a list of what-to-do-during-hols. Loong list.but looks like I have limited time to get them all done by this hols.7days hols.Cant do much actually. But am gonna get myself a keyboard 1st.Really miss my piano alooot..>.<

Last sat and sun had our homestay.Nice~~ =) After leaving my own house and family for 4 months, I felt like I was at home again. My homestay fam was nice.My appa even recommended his son to me..Oppa is in NS now,coming back this appa wants me to go back this sept ", Cute him =P I will go back see how my oppa looks like..hehe..oh yeah,oppa means bro,appa means dad..In case you dont know ", Will upload pics after editting them..

And yesterday. Yes.yesterday was fun.Mayyee said I was high.Well...not high on alcohol or Mari-J =P Was happy.Coz no class,no tests,no stress and its holidays~~ And gals,i am not in love..Dont worry ",

Went to Namsan aka Seoul Tower yesterday night. Night scene was real breathtaking.Um,looking from top of the Seoul Tower,was actually no difference lookin from the top of KL Tower..But still..its nice ", Good place for dating. But I wont pay 7000won and climb all the way up for a date..Its Gonna upload pics soon *wait*

That's all for the 1st post.wait for the 2nd one.

*Um..I hope you wont wait too long for the next post =P