Saturday, July 12, 2008

Let go and Let God =)


.I know that You are in control.


.Lord, my heart is stubborn.

.Refuse to surrender all.

.Sorry, Lord.

.Let me surrender completely to You.

.Not part of me.

.But ALL.

.For You have the BEST plan for me.

Scrambled this in my textbook. Was sleepy in the class. So wanted to write something just to keep my eyes open.

These few days (um, or weeks?) been thinking hard which universities to apply for. Gonna apply for 2 uni and will get both if I pass the cgpa pointer 3.75. And that day,when I've finally made up my mind on which uni I wanna spend my 4years there,a friend called. There's a quota for this uni he told. And that means,there's possibility that I wont be getting this uni..Worried.. "Why worried? You can just go for the other uni," Well..I dont know.....With great faith,I should trust Him. But my little heart was stubborn to surrender all. And things have been filling up my mind, worrying this worrying that, and didnt realise that He has actually made the decision for me. I just needa wait, patiently, to know which path He wanna lead me to. And this verse just reminded me, "The human mind plans the way,but the Lord directs the steps," Whichever steps I take, He's leading and walking with me. Side by side. Steps by steps. I'm here because of Him. He wants me to be here for His reasons. I may not know the reasons now, but I will wait.Wait wait wait =) Loneliness strikes many times, but this path I will never walk alone. Silently, He's walking with me, Tightly, He's watching over me. Amen =)

Lord I offer my life to You

Everything I've been through

Use it for Your Glory

Lord I offer my days to You

Lifting my praise to You

As a pleasing sacrifice

Lord I offer You my life

my fav song =)

Check this out. He plays good piano.and sings well too.",

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