Friday, August 22, 2008

It's weekend again~ =)

Yeah,another weekend is here!~ Exam was over yesterday..Didnt really rest well for the past few days..Eye bags are getting bigger..Cant do anything to it though..We are gonna have final in 2 weeks time.Yea,just finish papers yesterday yet gonna have another papers again next next week..Having exams,tests,quizzes almost everyday.Argh..Life here is like this,have been here for almost half a year(time flies!),getting used to it,or perhaps getting sick of it..haha..But,though life here is busy and hectic,He never fails to show me new things everyday~ He speaks to me through people and things around me.Friends can be encouragement to me at times.Eventhough it's just a small little action, it somehow made me feel warm and sweet =)

Had a small cell group yesterday after papers.Its our 2nd one but this time having 2 more friends joinning us..So..we had 6 of us in the group,had nice sharing and conversations..", Having shared with each other about things that God had done in our daily lives for the past few weeks,though nothing really big happened,yet we know that He is walking with us EVERYDAY..Everything is under His control,good things and bad things happened,but everything happened for His reasons..And we are learning everyday..=) Praise God~ ", The learning process may be hard,yet we know He is moulding us to be more Christ-like..We wanna be the small small ambassadors of God =) erm,not small small,but big big..haha..

*pics coming up next =)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lotte World~

Holidays~~ A week break for everyone..

Went to eat 빙수(ice) with eugene(photographer),xianni,3hao,leehong..whereas the rest went to 동대문.
We ate alot >.<

Together we went to Lotte World..
Off we go...

*new model* Luke
My castle ",

My soldier

bumper car.someone didnt know how to drive. =)

Didnt get to ride.Toooo many people.
*people mountain people sea* =P

*erhem* Double L

"pai wo pai wo (snap me snap me)" =)

Oops.3hao.ter-snap this.
*this time i didnt write your name wrongly*

Dena's eyes being poked


*break ends soon* *sad sad*

Your prayers

Anxiety.Fear.Discouragement.Loneliness.Uncertainty.Doubt.Worries..Go away!
You make me tremble at times. I fall.
with Him
His Love
His Joy,
with HIM alone
I shall walk with victory
I will.
I need your prayers bros and sis.Am okie.No worries. =) Just that sometimes when He is working,the enemy is working hard too. Keep me in prayers =) thanks~

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pics uploaded~~

I should have uploaded all these pics,..a month ago??Am late i know..but late better than never..", Not gonna write alot...Just let pics speak by themselves..

.Random pics.

Ern.Me.camwhoring again.hehe

.Kim ssn.

It was a Friday.After the certicates giving ceremony.Soo Hean was awarded 300k won.So he decided to belanja us this. =) Ti-amo ice-cream was reeaalll nice..Love it..<3 sorry ="P

A trip to myeodong with Anna,Siew Fong and Hilary.Went to have pizza for lunch.


.meeee.. ",
바보~ =P
anna's model-pose =)I didnt dye my hair.It just turned up like this.sunlight maybe.
3 potential models posing.ready to be noticed by any modelling company managers. ",

.HEADED TO NAMSAN TOWER with the rest of the gang.

Erm..I forgot his name..>.<


Anna with her model-pose again
Couples using locks to 'lock' their love. There are thousends pairs of locks ba..many many locks with their names on them.

We are on Seoul Tower TV ",

.Breathtaking night view from top of the Seoul TOwer.

Malaysiaaaa..~ You are 4595.33km from meee

Seokcho trip :: 24/06~26/06


Boramae.Daerim.Gocheok top 9 models.

Xianni..whoops.eyes look bigger like this huh =P

The gals

clockwise : siewfong.mayyee.chingern.chelle.leehong.xianni.

ei.who is this?!

mengyang.kaichee.tuopui dena.

Went up to seoraksan( Seorak Mount).didnt climb up.too lazy~went up by cable car. 923.kaichee.
.God's wonderful creation.

- with Hilary aka mr pig -

How nice God's creation is~

huli lian zhen*me*leehong mao

- huli lian zhen and tuopui ern-

- small lady bird-


*posing again.we cant stop posing*

. chouren 923 aka mr ugly.

the flowers are nicer,dena

colourful eh =) How artistic He is ",





ern ern


xianni act cute again

*teddy bears farm*

the teddies are superb cute.

wish i can bring them home~~

heading back.tired.but we enjoyed ourselves.

More pics coming up next =) 1 week holidays just started.whee~~

gonna bake during this holidays =)