Monday, September 15, 2008

.Happy Mid-Autumn festival.中秋节快乐.해피 추석~~

Yeah.,we officially finished our 4th level~!

83 of us had movie in yongsan~

마반 with 민 선생님 and 조 선생님.

재미있는 선생님. I'd never dozed off in their classes =)

The gals...

top left to right: xianni,anna,dena,lianzhen

middle left to right: mayyee,chingern,kooichen

bottom left to right: amy and leehong

siew fong is not here >.<>

Mooncakes from mummy. They taste sooo nice..


.Lotus paste.

.White lotus paste. .mushroom sambal.
.green tea.

.I want double yolks mooncake. >.<

Saturday night we had gathering with all the chinese seniors.

I must admit that I dont know some of them >.<

So they said this is the best way to know our chinese seniors coz we can rarely see some of them in some occasions..

.Had chinese food in a chinese restaurant.


3 tuopuis


.happy family.
hongxun the dad, changve the mum,
923,kaichee and mengyang the sons

what a lovely family~ =P

and *deng deng deng*
the Tampin gang =)
Tampin rocks k.....

> Dishes of the day<

Went kodae afterthat.chit chat talk talk.makan makan......

went 노래방 and lepak lepak there.chitchat in mcd.Stayed up the whole night.추석ma..~~

Spent 2 nigths in 노래방.and now everyone cant sleep at stayed up at night and slept in the morning. Well...holidays ma..can do things we dont/cant do usually =P

*my voice is sexy now.after singing/shouting for 2nights* >.<

Thursday, September 11, 2008

updates *cough cough*

Boo~!*cough cough*

Been lazy to update recently..

Exam just finished..another 1 week break is coming..wee~~ where to go where to go?뭘 할 거야?nak wat ape?要运动要减肥要健康~!=)

I shall keep my mind free right now..tired sleepy..but dont feel like sleeping..

Many things happened since the last updates..not gonna list them out here..lazy ba =) maybe next time..

Oh yea,Mooncake Festival is coming~~ =) I want tanglungs, mooncakes, pomeloes, chinese tea......I miss celebrating mooncake festival with my family T.T !st year celebrating it in Korea..but koreans dont celebrate mooncake festival, they celebrate 추석(chuseok-mid autumn), one of their biggest festivals..(right??) and they eat 떡(ddeok-rice cake) on that day.. And it just reminds me that its autumn now in is not that hot and warm and heaty anymore..Leaves are still green and on the tree yet =) gonna fall soon ", and it will be real nice when all the leaves turn yellow orange and red..*romantic romantic* =)

Till then..will be back soon..yes..SOON =) tata!