Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Asia Song Festival's Live Concert was held on 04/10 in 월드컵경기장 (World Cup Stadium)..We decided to go for the eve concert instead..Bet there's gonna be loootsa people on Saturday.So Huimin,Dena,Mayyee,Erseng,Mengyang,Kaichee,Luke,3hao,Hongxun and I went there together.The concert started at 6pm but we went there at 3pm..

Dena: '很嗮叻~!'
With huimin,our senior.
.Read it yourself.

.Acting gay.yeeww~
Made a board for Ryn Lim 林 宇中

Taa-dah.not bad rite =)

.We actually went there just to support Ryn Lim and Yoga.
There.Ryn Lim.He sang well ",
And....we ran to the backstage and thinking that we are malaysians, so maybe we could take some pics with him and got his signatures. So we shouted and waved(I think we looked abit like sakai.awh..). At last his manager came out.She was real nice.We were allowed to take pics and get his signatures.
Oh,he looks better in real =)



Khay Inn said...

wow, pretty cool tho i dunno who's he.

Enjoyed hanging out with ya guys the other day.

Chelle~ said...

lol.He's msian singer,currently in taiwan..

Me too ^^ hang out together again next time =) take care ",

Dann~ said...

hey, u dyed ur hair? i dint noe leh... haha... but it's rily nice!

rily jealous of u all loh, can meet lee chong wei at airport that time, then now Rynn Lim summore~ so good... i dun tink there will b any malaysian singers or actors that will come to germany de...i wan go korea~!

Anonymous said...

MICHELLE!!! Your hair!!!!!!! @.@
Amazing that it doesn't show through the webcam when its sooo obvious! Now I can't choose that colour dy :[ hahah..

Chelle~ said...

dann: yeps yeps,dyed hair =) lol,then come here ba ", oh btw,dad mum going to germany next year =( m not following,no break..T.T

sabx: lol,nice right the colour? =)oh,i dont mind you dying the same colour wor..=P

Vincent said...

i dun understand the korean words.. >.<

Anonymous said...

lol..only if u sent me the same colour..heheh

Anonymous said...

i want those photos ! ~huimin~