Saturday, October 18, 2008

.accidentally found them.lotsa memories =))

saw them everytime I studied in my room back in cemara.
everytime I came out from my room
everytime I had my breakfast on my desk
everytime I did homework and assignment
everytime I was back from Tampin.
and the last time I saw it was..
the day I left cemara??
kinda miss cemara life now ",

Venue : .DongYang Technical College.
Time : 10/04/2008, 1100-1900
Photographer : .Matzukey.
Models : .Cute people.
Sport's Day

.kauthar. pro photographer

.mari kita bersukan.huuuu..haaa....hhuuu..

.阿美 .

.tuopui ern.

.Chan Hang. ve哥.
.lianzhen. pro poser.


credit to Matzukey.nice pics ^^ (DSLR ma..) & cute ppl too =P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Watch this~

Monday, October 6, 2008

2008 Asia Song Festival's Live Concert was held on 04/10 in 월드컵경기장 (World Cup Stadium)..We decided to go for the eve concert instead..Bet there's gonna be loootsa people on Saturday.So Huimin,Dena,Mayyee,Erseng,Mengyang,Kaichee,Luke,3hao,Hongxun and I went there together.The concert started at 6pm but we went there at 3pm..

Dena: '很嗮叻~!'
With huimin,our senior.
.Read it yourself.

.Acting gay.yeeww~
Made a board for Ryn Lim 林 宇中

Taa-dah.not bad rite =)

.We actually went there just to support Ryn Lim and Yoga.
There.Ryn Lim.He sang well ",
And....we ran to the backstage and thinking that we are malaysians, so maybe we could take some pics with him and got his signatures. So we shouted and waved(I think we looked abit like sakai.awh..). At last his manager came out.She was real nice.We were allowed to take pics and get his signatures.
Oh,he looks better in real =)


Friday, October 3, 2008

Hurt. Little. But no hatred.
Only lessons to be learned.
The words the song you gave
I will no longer keep.
The memories,
still as sweet.
To let go
Time is all I need.
After all,God is good.
He lets all these happen
for me to grow.
Lessons to be learned
Faith to be grown.
Am learning and growing =)
.God is good.
.All the time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5급 is tiring.Its not fun at all..Weather is getting cooler..Fall is coming..wee~ =) but we have class till 5pm everyday..and sky gets dark before 6pm..but I start to enjoy the life here in 언어,because all the seniors had the greatest time in 언어and uni life is gonna be harderX187634,they have 5 more months here,better do all the fun fun things before the hard life starts..

So..gonna upload lots lots pics late I know..I shoud have uploaded this long long time ago..but u uploading takes up lotsa time,so needa upload them when I am free and u knw 5급is busy and .....*excuses* oh yea,today is RAya break..wee~ gona have raya food later ^^..people are excited when it comes to food =) Selamat Hari Raya semua~~

Celebrated lotsa birthdays this months..Ate lotsa cakes,had lotsa fun celebrating together..and everyone is groaning in pain now..pain in the $$..T.T

Amy's birthday..celebrated in 이태원, Krazeburger

.Amy wan tze and may.

.went to hard rock cafe after krazeburger.

.am not just posing for this pic.hee.

.she too is posing.

*group pics*

yea,we went there sekampung again.sekampung is fun though..=)

gals gals

The next day we went to 춘천(chuncheon).Had one week break.So instead of staying at home and do nothing or going to 노래방 to sing our lungs out, we went for travelling..2days 1 night..short but sweet trip..=)

see our excited and erseng miss travelling in the train..we miss the days we used to take train back to our hometown from shah alam..awh..miss that T.T

so we took lotsa pics.hee


after the 2hour ride,we reached 춘천

tried the famous 막국수.

erm..I would say it tasted okie,but my friends couldnt even finish half of it..I was too hungry i think =)

nah..the pic of it.looks nice and tasty right..?it doesnt taste so...^^

hah.I didnt know why/how I posed like this.and hongxun behind me was like =.=.hah

then took bus to Soyang Dam.

naa.this is not the dam.this is the man-made waterfall.^^

.speed boat ride.刺激刺激 ^^

*see how exciting it was* =)

Nice waterfall.nice memories..I mean scary memories..

Thank God nothing bad happened.

Dont play play in the waterfall.Its DANGEROUS!.

Dena wanted to have 把眼睛眯成一条线 I did.but she didnt.有心机huh..",

Went to myeongdong and had 닭갈비in a famous restaurant.

'This is where the Winter Sonata was filmed,' said weihuan

Some playing cards

some playing 'ping pong piak aya', taught by 923.

Had a night rest in a motel.Was thinking of what to have for we went to FamilyMArt.economic and nice =)

Afterthat,went to a place where lotsa artistic sculptures and paintings were displayed.(forgot what's its name ady)

okie.we are we did this.


Took boat and reached a small small island.Some cycled some loitered around....
Winter Sonata was filmed here too

.Dena and me cycling.

Enjoyed ourselves in this trip. A short but a sweet and memorable one~ =) credit to Alwin and everyone who planned the trip.
Thanks ya^^