Friday, October 3, 2008

Hurt. Little. But no hatred.
Only lessons to be learned.
The words the song you gave
I will no longer keep.
The memories,
still as sweet.
To let go
Time is all I need.
After all,God is good.
He lets all these happen
for me to grow.
Lessons to be learned
Faith to be grown.
Am learning and growing =)
.God is good.
.All the time.


Jack said...

share something i get~
our life is filled with 3f~

Dann~ said...

jia you ya~ God will be with u always de... =)

peisan said...

well,even u didnt go to Korea, u also need to learn wad u already learn in fren..

Vincent said...

Things take time. Remember what I told you. And remember what you said. And do what you've said. Surely God will always be with you.

So keep up.

And be strong.

Aja aja fighting (y fighting tho? =.=")