Saturday, October 18, 2008

.accidentally found them.lotsa memories =))

saw them everytime I studied in my room back in cemara.
everytime I came out from my room
everytime I had my breakfast on my desk
everytime I did homework and assignment
everytime I was back from Tampin.
and the last time I saw it was..
the day I left cemara??
kinda miss cemara life now ",


Dann~ said...

How i wish i could draw as nice as u... Im sure ur former pendidikan seni teachers at ur sec school likes u a lot. Unlike me, who always make them wan2 cry... haha...

Ur pic below: u r wearing 2 watches?!

Weather gettin colder, take care of urself n dun fall sick oh~

Chelle~ said...

hah..u havnt seen my fail projects huh..they made me cry last,tat was my friend's watch..yeayea..u too take care =)

Vincent said...

ermmm... now i read the 2nd pic more contents than last time... =S

But oh well.. =)