Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy 47th Birthday Dad~! =)
You are funny at times,
yet strict most of the time,

You are handsome
and smart all the time =)

Sometimes you are cute
sometimes you are scary~
(see mag's and shirui's expression..=P )
and like mummy always said,
You are like an angel when you are in good mood,
you are like a devil when you are in bad mood =))
We love you for who you are.
Thank you for all the trips, they cost alot and yet you dont mind bringing us around every year,
Thank you for the advice and all the scoldings that are still reminders for us till now,
Thank you for the LOVE and CARE that you show to us
not through words,but through actions,
and You will always try your best to give us the BEST
Thank you for being a good daddy and a good husband =)
I thank God for YOU =)

You are the BESTest daddy
we love you, alot ^^
Take good care of yourself~!
(Dont eat too much ya..your stomach is getting bigger n rounder ",)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I lurve Christmas~~

One more month to Christmas!!wee~~ excited excited =)) I'll be looking forward to Christmas Day and Chinese New Year every year..I love gatherings..=)) with friends and relatives..Awh,miss those days T.T Christmas break,no winter break this year so am not going back for Christmas and CNY =( Am gonna miss those gatherings,lepakings and celebrations..But well..celebrating Christmas and CNY here isn't bad afterall..Hanging out with a bunch of friends will be as cool as celebrating at home..I guess =P
Its gonna snow this Thurs and next Monday..I used to love snow back in msia where snow can hardly be seen,but now....I still love snow =)) I just cant bear the super cold Cold COLD windy weather here..Owh,I pray that I will have a sweet wonderful WHITE Christmas here =))
WHITE Christmas..wee~~
ps: Dad Mum Melvin Mag n Melissa I miss you guys =( 1st Christmas without you all..
psps: ah yi,jiu jiu,popo and gongong,i miss you all too...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Annual dinner 08~

.PPMK Annual Dinner 2008.
.oh I lurve white piano.
.Dueting with soohean.
we are on the big screen =))

xianni.chelle.omma aka siewfong aka my current roomate
.People said we look alike. =)
Btw, its her birthday today.
Happy birthday!=)
with chin pey. (i like ur dress ", )
with ling yen
I like this pic very much~ =PP
He said this pic looks nice coz we both look nice
hmm..I agree =)
I look nice with anybody k =P
.4 batches here.
me (batch 83), see,chinpey,yuehrenn,pekkee (batch 67),yuhan (batch 85),sweesing (batch 70)..hmm..where's batch 65?
with junqi,viona,kenzie,chiamyu
with luke.hey,u look tall here =P
wee~ sweetnyer =))
You should know why he looks sad
pheeeewit =P

the gals~

.with marzukey.
with datuk Nizam
tampin gang =))
3hao pretty.weihuan smart =)
Our batch did most of the performances.Great job! =)
We are not 83,we are One =))

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Happy Birthday Mummy! ~ =))
对不起 =(
.I always thank God for blessing me with a wonderful family.
and I have the best-est mummy in the world =))
Happy Birthday Mum!
LOVE you always <3
Always take care of yourself
Dont worry about me
He is taking good care of me =)
I will take good care of myself too
See you next year mum!
Muacksss...*hugs and kisses*
.Happy Birthday Mummy =)



Monday, November 3, 2008

Gyeongju Trip~

Another one week break after the mid term exam..83 of us went to gyeongju with lecturers for 3 days 2 nights.




Day 1.park.historical places.

eyebags =(

we lurve F.A.L.L. =)

us with min ssn

kim ssn & 923

Too they hug each other (?!)

Day 2.beach.lake.

.the ssns.


anna sang.chelle ssi.

aboji aka shukry.fizan.chelle.

anna.chelle.leehong.kooichen =)

see how much we ate =)

ms taiping.
Day 3.the last day.temples.

.red leaves.

sweet =)
(siew fong.hilary)
hehe.paiseh but sweet =P
sweet?? =)
hmm..less caption this time. Pictures speak thousand words =)
ps//i cant wait for the next break.I really need a long break.seriously. T.T