Wednesday, December 31, 2008



.The last day of 2008.

.The last post in 2008.



2009 is coming..Real soon....4 hours to go =))

Going to countdown in종각later.Guess this is my 1st and the last time celebrating New Year here.So am going out to celebrate no matter what..FYI,its -9celcius now out there!..freaking cold k~~*grrr* still I dont mind going out,squezzing like a sardin with the koreans >.<>



Well...looking back,2008 has been an exciting year for me..Came to korea for the very 1st time..Further studying in Korea is never my dream since I was young,but God has put me here for His purpose and am grateful that I am here =)

God has been faithful to me throughout the whole year.He never leaves me when I need Him the most.Struggled alot in doing decisions and yet He never fails to show me His plans.

Am still counting His blessings =)

2009 is coming.Knowing that its gonna be a challenging year for me,I put my trust on Him.

Pray that my faith will grow stronger.


New Year ahead.New things await.



SNU in white =)

I lurve white^^

bye bye 2008.I will miss you.



~see ya next year~ ",


So..guess..which is me?=))

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Monday, December 22, 2008


Its snowing outside. =))
.I love snow.<3
I enjoy looking at snowflakes
Have you ever put a small tiny snowflake on your hand
and start adoring how cute and lovely it is?
So nice
They are so finely and uniquely shaped.
God designed that =)
Christmas carols everywhere. It makes me homesick.Sometimes.
I miss the time celebrating with my loved ones.
Sabz and hannah,if you read this,i miss you both too^^
Will be having one day break for christmas,
unlike others who are having one week christmas break,
and some are enjoying the winter break for 2 months..awhh T.T
How I wish I have long break too =(
I am supposed to get my homework done before going to bed.
but you I dont have the mood to do homework
I want to play snow too!
but no one to play with
everyone is sleeping T.T
not fun playing snow alone k =(
.Neway,am happy^^
'cause I just get designing stuff done
'cause its snowing
'cause Christmas is nearing
'cause I have one day break for Christmas ",
'cause my holiday mood is on though I have only one day half(?)break
'cause am gonna buy pressies for friends and I know am getting lotsa pressies in return hahahhaa..
'cause tomorrow we are going to Everland!! =)
'cause Christmas christmas christmas~~~ ;)) wee~
Enjoy the snow people ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

.Take A Break.

.Another 10days break.
I got flu again T.T
It didnt stop me from hanging around with the gang though
I dont have much break anymore
Must enjoy while I can before entering Uni
(Uni in korea is scary T.T )

Nothing much in insadong.went to myeongdong instead.

The next day

went to samchongdong with the gang.
four of us went together and guess what...
we were lost......
We werent actually lost.
To save 900won,we went a BIG round and finally..
it took..err..2++hours?? for us to reach..=))

As usual.while waiting,we didnt waste time.btw,this is her idea.
tuopui,not bad la..quite like this pic ;)
(hers nicer,coz i took for her.lazy to upload hers.guess she will upload herself in her blog)

These are the faces after going round and round but still couldnt reach the right place

Finally,after7236 seconds,we reached samchongdong.

.taken using hoong ping 's DSLR.
Tuopui ern got her DSLR too
Am gonna be her model next time =))
.Star and moon.
Yeah yeah..Christmas is around the corner ^^
lurve christmas tree,christmas ornaments,christmas songs,and christmas pressies =P
I dont mind if you wanna send me christmas pressies all the way to korea ^^
Merry Christmas in advance everyone =)