Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yo. I've been pretty busy recently.
So thats the reason of why I've been abandoning my blog for weeks.
Now I'm back.
Just back from MT.
(by the way does MT stand for Member Training?)
One of the orientation activities.
Did nothing much except 술자리(drinking party)
Koreans drink.ALOT.They finished like boxes of soju.
1box=10++ bottles
boxes=??? bottles
I didnt drink.
dad mum dont worry =)
I've told the seniors beforehand that I dont drink
so I drank cyder instead
Got to know my coursemates and the seniors
Some of my seniors were real nice n friendly (and gorgeous ",)
but I only got to know them the last night
She said can call her anytime even if i want to have someone for dinner ",
(one of them said i look gorgeous n!
Didnt take any pics during MT though
Played maaany games and those who losed gotta drink one cup? of shot.
and even one bottle ONE shot.
They really drink.a.lot.
Soju's taste sucks.They said it tastes weird n bitter.
I havnt uploaded my graduation pics
Graduated from Language Education Institute,SNU on Valentine's Day eve.
Having 2weeks break before entering University
1week gone left few days
Gonna be separated with friends soon
13 going to SNU,3 going to Hanyang,3 going to Yonsei,1 going to Kodae and 3 going to Dongyang.
Less chances to meet up with each other once uni starts.
Everyone is gonna be busy with own studies etc etc
Before school starts lets have a gathering,or a short trip
want want?
who wanna plan?
4days left.

classmates and yun ssn

colourful huh
chelle loves colours =)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What number do I like?
because my birthday is on 2 Feb =)
.lame I know.
So last monday was my big day!
Thank you guys for all the wishes
via sms,chatbox,facebook,friendster,blog and even skype!
Thanks sis n bros for skype-ing me eventhough you guys are supposed to be driving back to MMU that night =))
*touched touched* They even went to Ivy's house and 拜年with me through skype.awh and purposely with all the cookies n snacks which made me drool.ish.But it has been a long time since I last saw you guys.Everyone is doing great huh ",
And siblings even made a powerpoint card for me =))
Thanks melvin mag n melissa *hugs*
oh mag thanks for that post.That bikini pic is still with you!hah.

And even 2 weeks before my birthday I already got my 1st bday pressie which flew from Japan
wee~ ",
Thanks Vince =))
Couldnt open that pressie though.
Was asked to open on that very day.
Thought he really gave me kimono cause I told him I want kimono for pressie lol

Its a disney mickey mouse pyjamas!~~ =))
and its my fav pink! lol
고마워 ありがとう! ^^
Another pressie flew all the way from Germany ",
They know what I want
but I know its her who told him
I like them very much Dann and Qihao!
They are Yiruma's CD album and piano score!~

Cute card and hp hanger from Dann
and a lovely metal small lil cross in that card ",
danke danke =)
I got another Yiruma's piano score from Mayyee n hong xun!
though its the same one I love it too!!
with your signatures on it! =))
I once told them I want Yiruma's piano score for my bday pressie
and they remember ",
Sweet Hershey's from Nizam!
and wished me get fatter after eating this
What birthday wish is that?!
I love choc. So I dont care so much anymore. It helps to destress by the way ^^
Thanks pilah Nizam =))
I love this cute booklet much ",
thought the pressie giver is not cute
Its like my 写真缉
with all my pics in it
and the captions which made me LOL

20++ pages of my pics=))
lol I guess she secretly collects my pics.
my secret admirer maybe
Thanks tuopui dena ^^
will make one for you ya.IF I am free.
A Daily Devotion/Quiet Time - Living Life from Amy!
She got it by memorizing a verse!
shame on me
I didnt memorize
Thanks Amy!^^

Prayer Changes Things!
A wooden cross from Anna!
I will make sure it will be placed on my new desk after I've moved ",
Thanks Anna!

Another cute lovely pressie from ern ern ^^
lol me started calling ppl by repeating the last name.awh
Love it too!
All the healthy food that I want
baby tomatoes, sweet potato,OREO sticks(lol.I assume its healthy too), lil wild blueberry jam,
and some small lil candles (hmm..I wonder why candles.For valentine's day?)
Thankew ern ern ^^

Got a pair of earrings from son
erm not my son but err..son.
its okie. just skip that.
They are love-shaped earrings ",
His love is already given to *erhem* =P
Thanks Son!^^


So here come another weekend.
Decided to shop since we have not been shopping for err a month?
plus its gonna be spring soon
Off season shirts jackets are cheap now
*needa save money for flight ticket to no more branded branded shirts*
Bought some shirts and off we went to Baskin
I TER-promised to treat tuopui

I know ice cream has HIGH calories.I KNOW that.
but sweet stuffs help me to destress temporarily. just temporarily.
cause after that am stressed on how to cut the fat off my body.
(sometimes i just wish to cut it off by just using knife.gah)
U know how does she look when there's food infront of her?
Go out dine with her if you dont know
Am sure you wont want to dine with her again.
poor the future bf
.Her CHocoholic.
My Wild Strawberry and Banana Yogurt
I even ordered a yogurt.low calories.

It doesnt seem as inviting as hers but it tastes as nice as hers
no its nicer than hers.

In toilet.Again. Can anyone tell me why do gals like to take pics in toilet?
me too dont know why.
oh we bought the same jacket.
I wonder how many same but diff coloured shirts we have.
Told you she is my secret admirer lo
Great weekend ahead!
Am enjoying my weekend. wee~