Monday, June 15, 2009

SUmmer Break says Hello!

I have 1 week break before summer class starts.
Ask me out ;)

Lemme have the excuse to dress up and go out! ",

-why 花?-

Saturday, June 6, 2009


        After 3months, I am BACK!! =)) 

LooOTsa things happened for the past few months.
Been MIA for 3 months and now I am back.
Suddenly feel like blogging. 
Just finished my calculus exam. CALCULUS! yes and I screwed up the paper again. As expected.
2 down 3 to go before enjoying my summer break!
I am going back for a month people!! *cant wait* =)) 

Time flies, doesnt it? 
It really flies.
It has been a year and 3 months since I came to Korea. Looking back, we have done lotsa things here, with and without realising it.
It's my second summer here.We were still studying korean last summer.
Did I tell you i dont quite like summer? Its as hot as in msia. no. hotter. I prefer AUTUMN =)

So, what have I done for the past 15months? *flash back*

08' Winter

This is how we looked like after the 3days orientation 
xianni with her short-yet-cute hair 

08' Spring
Jeju trip
I didnt know I look so ugly without my hair
thats why i said i cant live without my hair
Hari Muhibbah themed 'Nerd'
and thats how we both looked like

08's Summer
went to Hangang with the gang
또 같이갈래?
I personally lurve this <3

Namsan Tower
Hi Seoul.
Was one of the promoters so I was in cheongsam
My first time wearing cheongsam
Homestay family
I've lost contact with them ><
She is busy and I am busy too, so...
yea excuse again
see how we posed EMO
in sokcho 석초
in chunchon춘천

08' Autumn
Mooncake Festival
she's gonna kill me ;p
on the way going to gyeongju 경주
56.789% alike
the hotties ;)
ei my leg looks long here hehe
I like beaches without sand
movie after korean level 5
09' Hari Raya in embassy
celebrating raya with the batch
dyed hair for the 1st time in my life
in 2008 Asia Song Festival's Live Concert
went to support Rynn lim and Yoga, even made cardboards for them

08' PPMK Annual Dinner

08' Winter
Vincent and xinning and their friends from Japan
we wanna go to japan. One day.....
went to Coldstone for icecream cake after the japanese meal
kokkhyai was the photographer
insadong + myeongdong with tuopui

09' winter
Korea Open
with Peter Gade
with Datuk Lee Chong Wei
09 Chinese New Year in Seoul!
First time celebrating CNY away from home.
what we did before going to baskin ar tuopui? I forgot.
I like my checkered jacket ;)
Graduating from 언어교육원
Another chapter of my life started
Life as a uni student

09's Spring
spring photoshooting with ernpaktamayie and marzukey

presented a song 'kau ilhamku'
went to 서울대공원zoo, 
as suggested by the birthday boy beside me
SISA Sports Day
with xinying and Irina
I always have this pose whenever am not ready for the camera, which i'm quite sick of it already -.-
BBQ at embassy to welcome the new malaysia ambassador
themed Black and White
30th may
37400won buffet!
to celebrate leehong's and kaichee's birthday
and this is the latest activity we did!
more to come!

Summer break is coming! woohoo
What are we gonna do what are we gonna do?
picnic? that should be done during spring and we missed it and that means we have to wait for another spring sigh
beach-ing? where where? busan? but not all can join. since some of us are going back.
Lets hang out together before some of us go back!

* had fun looking back at all the pics albums ;) sweet memories. I know I have gained lotsa weight. Dont remind me. thankew.
** Tampin buddies! Am going back in a month time.I know you guys are looking forward to seeing me hahaha. me too me too =)) See you guys soon! fyi, in case you wanna sambut me in KLIA, I will reach KLIA on 2nd aug at 1600 lol
*** Should I cut my hair short?? shoulder length I mean.