Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hi from Msia!

woots. Am blogging in msia!

Been back for 2weeks..GOing back to Seoul in 2weeks time =(

Its great to be at home after a year plus. Home is as comfy as before.
Home sweet home <3

SO what have I been doing? Those who are gonna see me will know..yea EAT!
I have been eating alot..I lost my appetite though.So i will kinda force myself to eat,though i dont feel like eating..haha cz i wont be able to eat them for another few months.

Msia is SOOO HAWT! People who know me know that I cant stand the hot weather. I prefer winter to summer! I kinda miss winter now @.@ 겨울좀그리워ㅠ

Made cupcakes yesterday!^^
1st attempt, so dont expect something great.
Its not easy k ><
But it was fun, seeing all my masterpiecesㅋㅋ

little sis's idea 귀엽지?ㅋ

My fav! <3

Am gonna try making them again! and I promise I will make better nicer ones =)
ciaoz~ ;)