Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A quick update!
I just had a haircut
It was a sudden decision. 
Thought of cutting it a month ago but due to some negative feedbacks, I held back.
But I was bored with my not-too-long hair, so made up my mind to have a change.
Not as bad as I thought. Am lovin' it hee

eyebags ㅠㅠ (  its actually crying eye(s), in case you dont understand this emoticon --" )
Okies, gotta go to major class!
Pray for my finals!  Thankew =)
Till then.

ps: this is a new post. i wanted to edit but ended up deleting the whole post accidentally and it was saved --". neway, pic changed. this looks better? no photoshopped. heh the previous one i didnt photoshop also. my chin is 원래sharp. angle prob