Friday, November 26, 2010

God surprised me!

in a cute way :)

Every Wednesday is my fast-and-pray day. I have a lot to pray about, and so one day I've decided to practice this habit of fasting solid food on every Wednesday. So far, this week was my 12th week of fasting and I could see God is really working on me!

I have been struggling with some personal stuff recently and I really needed God's guidance. And thats one of my reasons for the fast-and-pray habit. This week, when I eagerly prayed about that, and when I was actually tired, emotionally, because I've been praying for that everyday and yet God did not show me anything, suddenly, a good brother in Christ of mine, Naveen, came "hi!' me in skype. Being tired physically and emotionally, I did not feel like talking about it, but somehow, I told him about my problem. And surprisingly, he went through the similar problem! Very similar. He told me how he felt, what he did, what God actually showed him, and suddenly, I remembered about my prayer. That day, I actually prayed that someone would come up to me and tell me what I should do. Sometimes, when I heard of something or felt something in me, I was confused, if thats actually God's voice or my own feelings. So, I need someone to actually tell me, what I should do or what God wants me to do. And that day, I really thank God for him! Somehow, God actually talked to me through him. Now, I know WHAT I should do, but not HOW. 

So, these few days, my prayers were about 'HOW'. Today after getting up, made myself a cup of oatmeal for brunch, I read some blogs and I stopped by Gloria's. I came across this post, and I remembered once I read about 'Surprise me, God!' prayer, which you just ask God to surprise you every morning. So, I decided to start off my day with a conversation with God.

I shed tears every time I talk to Him. (yea, I am a sentimental person, but I believe God touches me every time I talk to Him.) I started the conversation by asking Him to surprise me today, while my iPhone music was playing. I couldnt help but to cry for help (not a loud one tho :p) on HOW I should do to solve my problem. By solving this problem, I know I am gonna hurt some people. Thats the consequence of me being disobedient :( and I know I am gonna bear the consequences myself, but with the help of God. but how? so when I was questioning God, suddenly, the music was playing 'Help Is On The Way'. I stopped praying, and was listening to the lyrics. My tears just couldnt stop.


People say that time will heal 
But you know, they just don't feel what you feel 
Times are hard but God is so good 
He's never failed you, and He said He never would 

He sees your tears 
He fights your fears 

Hold on, help is on the way 
He said he'd never leave you or forsake you 
Stay strong 
Help is on the way 
He'd said he'd help you 
Just reach out and take his hand 

He knows your heart, He lifts your head 
He's always close enough to hear every word you said 
When you're weak, He said He's so much more 
His arm is long enough to reach you where you are 

He sees your tears 
He fights your fears 

God was talking to me! through the lyrics! You know what, I did not even know that I have that song in my playlist. God surprised me! :D

I was thinking who to tell this to, and I texted Dena. She said I should blog about this. Yea, I have abandoned this little blog for some time :( but I really think I should blog about this.

I am not worried about HOW to solve it anymore. I know He will show me HOW when its time. I am just gonna stay strong :)

Ask God to surprise you! and, get ready for the surprises :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup yo

World Cup 2010 starts today!
Everyone is caught up in World Cup fever.
well I dont know anything about soccer but I think I am gonna watch the games with all the kakis. at least I know what GOAL means :)
hahaa. will scream when my friends scream. Its kinda fun actually. the atmosphere, 4 years once. and this will be the first and the only time I watch WC in the kimchi-land.
So me and my friends bought this shirt, to support the reds! (though my friends say that they wont go far haha)

Koreans are really crazy in cheering for their motherland.
They even have cheer songs for WC.
These are 3 of them.



I like this the most :) by Kim Yuna and Lee Seung gi 이승기

Take good care of yourselves during WC.
Drink lotsa water after cheering/screaming!
Adiosss ;)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I <3 snow.
눈이 좋아.
Saya suka salji.

*I think it's time for me to update myself *

Praise God that I am still doing fine here after coming back from Malaysia, the comfort zone, though I still actually miss home.
Praise God that I have a good room, though I was quite upset to get it at first.
Praise God that I have a good roomie. We still talk everyday, alot :)
Praise God for the coursemates, I see them nearly everyday, except for the weekends.
Praise God for Melvin's excellent results, he tried his best and God really did the rest!
Praise God for good n fun playmates, we hang out very often, like everyday?lol
Praise God that I can skype my parents everyday, I really miss them alot.
Praise God for the youngest juniors,  I feel so young being with them:) btw im 20 this year so i feel old
Praise God for the good health. seriously. I realize how  fragile life is. You dont know what would happen in next seconds. So appreciate what you have NOW. 
not later, not in the future, not in the past. NOW
Dont complain. APPRECIATE.

pray for my friend, ziha. She is very ill now. Pray that God will heal her, completely.
God does wonders. I believe.
 Its March. Spring is here!
Cant wait to see all the flowers blooming :)
till then dearies! :)
I hope you wont wait too long for the next post haha

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead!
Happy 'Tiger' Year! <3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


갑자기 안아줄 수 있는 사람을 원한다.
내가 괜찮다. 걱정마.
걍 방금 '미남이시네요'를 봤다.

안아줄 때,
위로도 줄 수 있다.
안아줄 때,
사랑도 줄 수 있다.
안아줄 때,
지지도 줄 수 있다.
안아줄 때,
안전감도 줄 수 있다.

친구야, 담에 우리 만날 때, 서로 안아 주는 거 어떨까?
넘 웃긴데 친구라서 괜찮지 않지?

*'미남이시네요'덕분에, 난 한국을 좋아하게 된다. 이 드라마가 동화같은데, 미남들도 많은데, 현실이랑 넘 다른데, 나 이런 '예쁜 착각'을 계속 가지고 싶다. 계속 여기 있을테니까, 한국을 좋아해야 겠다.

한국아, 나 곧 돌아간다..좀 슬픈데..ㅠ