Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I <3 snow.
눈이 좋아.
Saya suka salji.

*I think it's time for me to update myself *

Praise God that I am still doing fine here after coming back from Malaysia, the comfort zone, though I still actually miss home.
Praise God that I have a good room, though I was quite upset to get it at first.
Praise God that I have a good roomie. We still talk everyday, alot :)
Praise God for the coursemates, I see them nearly everyday, except for the weekends.
Praise God for Melvin's excellent results, he tried his best and God really did the rest!
Praise God for good n fun playmates, we hang out very often, like everyday?lol
Praise God that I can skype my parents everyday, I really miss them alot.
Praise God for the youngest juniors,  I feel so young being with them:) btw im 20 this year so i feel old
Praise God for the good health. seriously. I realize how  fragile life is. You dont know what would happen in next seconds. So appreciate what you have NOW. 
not later, not in the future, not in the past. NOW
Dont complain. APPRECIATE.

pray for my friend, ziha. She is very ill now. Pray that God will heal her, completely.
God does wonders. I believe.
 Its March. Spring is here!
Cant wait to see all the flowers blooming :)
till then dearies! :)
I hope you wont wait too long for the next post haha