Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup yo

World Cup 2010 starts today!
Everyone is caught up in World Cup fever.
well I dont know anything about soccer but I think I am gonna watch the games with all the kakis. at least I know what GOAL means :)
hahaa. will scream when my friends scream. Its kinda fun actually. the atmosphere, 4 years once. and this will be the first and the only time I watch WC in the kimchi-land.
So me and my friends bought this shirt, to support the reds! (though my friends say that they wont go far haha)

Koreans are really crazy in cheering for their motherland.
They even have cheer songs for WC.
These are 3 of them.



I like this the most :) by Kim Yuna and Lee Seung gi 이승기

Take good care of yourselves during WC.
Drink lotsa water after cheering/screaming!
Adiosss ;)