Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eating intolerance

I google-ed this term but found no explanation for it.

I am not sure why, but

*chewing with mouth open and producing the 'nnn-yum nnnn-yum' sound (especially when one is eating banana)
*a loud 'aaahhhhhh' after sipping hot beverage
*chewing crunchy stuffs with mouth open
*'slllrrrrppp' sound when one is sucking something juicy

easily irritate me, and sometimes drive me up the wall :(

I tried to get used to them, but...I just cant.

and my roommate does that every time. She lovesss eating. I am very sensitive to the eating sound till I got up from my sleep many times when she was munching/eating/nyum-ing/slurrpp-ing her supper or breakfast. It irritated me but I just thought it was not good to tell her about it. I couldn't go 'can you err eat quietly?'..I was quite rude and there would be awkwardness for few secs( or mins). So I decided to just tahan...but...every time she eats, I will go, 'uhhh not again......' and she eats non-stop for an hour or more :(

I love her and she is really a good roommate.She really is. and I don't intend to talk bad about her :( just that, she is eating now and I am studying, it kinda irritates me a bit..So I decided to google to see if anyone faces something like this. and surprisingly I am one of many haha.

Lord, give me patience and let me be less sensitive to eating sound. Give me good sleep whenever my roommate is eating. Thank You, God. Amen.

A funny prayer, but I meant it haha

Okies, she stops eating now. I should get back to my book.
Till then. Bye!


Vincent said...


your prayer very lol.

:D good luck in your exams!