Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my beloved dad

I always, always thank God for blessing me with such good family.

We cannot choose our parents,
God has chosen for us,
and He loves me so much,
that He gave me the best mother,
and the best FATHER!

Being a dad of four,
A dad that loves,
A dad that helps,
A dad that protects,
A dad that supports, physically, mentally and financially,
A dad that educates, both hard and 'soft' ways
A dad that provides,
A dad that teaches,
A dad that intercedes,
A dad that encourages,
A dad that always asks us to walk in God,
I have a dad like that.

I still remember that dad would bring us around the taman with his big bike when we were little,
he would let us ride on his back and he would start singing, and 'touring' around the living room haha..
Lots of cute and sweet memories back then :)
My dad is a teacher. So he always plays 2 roles at home- A dad and a teacher.
He has been teaching and educating us since we were young.
Dad's ways of educating us are..errr quite special..
But, that are what made me who I am today.
Without the canes, without those scoldings,
I might have been a rebellious girl, out of curiosity, trying to try different things in the world, that world finds them fun, especially when I am away from them.
I am very grateful to have my dad as my dad :)
I do not know how to put them in words.

Only God knows how thankful I am.
So dad, you are always in my prayers.
I want to bless you, like how you have blessed us,
but I cannot bless you as much as God can.
So I always ask God to bless you, to bless you with good health, bless you with whatever you need.

We always say 'I love you' to mum, but we seldom say it to dad. haha
But dad, you know even though we seldom say it to you, we still love you.
We love you a lot dad! <3

and Happy Father's Day!