Friday, September 16, 2011

It changes things


决定了. 这次, 不开玩笑.

不想再让他们失望, 也不想再辜负自己.
从前 说过了好多遍
这次 要再说一遍



写这, 是要提醒自己, 自己所许下的承诺

Please keep me in prayers.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Complain Less, Give Thanks More

1. Thank You Father, that I had a good sleep last night, despite sleeping late, and insomnia struck in, and I was still able to get up in the morning.

2. Thank You Father, that I had a great conversation time with my good friend after two months of holidays. The feeling of being able to tell everything was missed.

3. Thank You Father, that I am recovering and adjusting quite well now, though I am still missing the trip and everyone. I admit that I had quite hard time when I first came back from the trip. Some time is needed and I guess I am getting better right now.

4. Thank You Father, for the milo, nestum, my favourite teddy bear cookies, teh tarik dad mum bought and my friend brought from Malaysia.They are more than enough to stop my cravings for them before heading home end of this year.

5. Thank You Father, for mum's successful surgery! Thank You God, for Your peace and joy, and Your protection hands to be upon mum, and my family. Thank You in advance, for mum's speedy recovery.

6. Thank You Father, for the surprise You gave yesterday night!
(One of my seniors, who seldom contact me, out of a sudden sent me a Power Point presentation file and asked me to have a look at it. To my surprise, they were encouraging words and bible verses that I needed these few days, and I was greatly encouraged and reminded by them. Those were the words God wanted to comfort and speak to me. The senior went offline right after sending me the file. Very sudden. very random.  That morning I did ask God to surprise me, and ta-daa, He did!)

7. Thank You Father, for blessing me yesterday and that I was able to bless another friend of mine. To be blessed and to bless, was one of my prayers yesterday and God answered it :)

8. Thank You Father, for the good friends and good people around me. I am loved and blessed by them.

9. Thank You Father, that my class is at 3pm and that I could get up late this morning (and get to write this post before my class) :)

10. Thank You Father, it is weekend today! Small gathering with friends tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it :)

Have a great weekend ahead peeps!