Sunday, October 16, 2011

Broken pieces

Thank You for this day.
A day started with spiritual battle early in the morning.

'I am broken,'
I see it coming when I said the prayer that day.
A prayer to You,
deciding to follow every of Your will,
no matter what happens.

A lot of times,
I feel small and weak,
I feel ugly inside, and not worthy to be loved.
But You, have never left me nor forsaken me,
no matter how many times I have fallen short of Your Glory.

You hear me when I call,
You see each tear that falls,
You pick up every broken pieces.
It is Your Grace that brought me thus far.

This spiritual battle,
I want to stand boldly and win victoriously,
not by my will,
but by Your power.

Strengthen me, Father.
Pick me up when I fall,
and help me to continue the walk by faith.

Thank You.
Thank You for Your unconditional Love,
amazing Grace,
and abundant Mercy.


Dann said...

Amen~! will keep u in prayers!

Chelle~ said...

Thanks! :)

Gloooooria said...

This will be a beautiful song :)