Wednesday, December 5, 2012

After such a long break....

After resting for almost a year,
I should start writing something here.
As usual me, I am not a professional blogger who blogs everyday, I will just write whenever I feel like to :)


Fifth day of December, a simple day,
yet a day filled with excitement!

Looking at my professor flipping each page of my thesis,
I silently prayed, 'Please, please, just continue flipping till the last page, please just pass it!'
He stopped at the conclusion part, started reading.
Then he turned to the first page again, correcting some words,
and looked up at me,
'It looks okie,' and *smiled*
I am very sure, that moment, my smile was bigger than his, like this :
YEAH I passed my thesis!! One more week , one more final paper, and I am done with my undergraduate life!
Happily walking down, it was snowing lightly.
It was reported to snow heavily today. I was anticipating.

After getting down from the shuttle, it started to snow heavier.
Like a kid, I stretched out my hand, letting the snowflakes drop on my palm.
I was excited!
Can't really see the excitement from my face. But I WAS excited!
After being in Korea for 4 years, snow never failed to excite me.
If you noticed snowflakes carefully, they are ALL in different shapes .
They are so tiny, delicate and fragile, yet God made them ALL unique.
That reminded me of how God created each and everyone so uniquely different too!

Snow got heavier and heavier~
Excitement was surging. Decided to go out to take pictures with my 3gs iPhone, hmm they did not turn out..real bad. While the ahjummas and ahjossis were mumbling as they had to shovel the snow, I was excitedly drawing on snow and taking pictures :)

Met up with Egon, like finally, on a snowy day!
We missed the first and the second snow.
It's okieee, I would just treat this as the first snow~ ;)

Poor him, he was so sleepy after sleeping for just an hour yesterday night
and still had to play with me ㅋㅋ
Thank youuuuu! :D

and Thank God for such a wonderful day!
It was cold outside, yet warm inside :)
Alright, a great day has to end with Quantum Mechanics homework! :S

Till then!